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Dec 18th Christmas Gathering Announcement!

Okay, the gathering is more or less setup. And finally, as its 2 days away! So, because of the lateness, make sure to remind your CCR friends so they won't forget and miss it.

Location: Triangle Town Center in North Raleigh, NC (It's a mall)
Time: 11AM, Sat Dec. 18th
Directions: or look below
and meeting up at Barnes & Noble, at the main entrance, pointed out on the map below

TTC Map with Barnes and Noble Pointed Out (green):

Follow teh Green Arrow! Barnes and Noble is there, next to a Cinnabon I think. (the cinnabon is on the inside, B&N has entrances on the outside and inside)

and for my confusingness directions..
1. Get on I-540 West (towards wake forest) (Highway 70, and I-40 connect to it, as do other things)
2. then follow that map above to parking/gatheringness.

If you need a phone number incase you are late and must find the group or something like that, ask an attending friend or pm me and I can give you my cell. Address yourself when calling or i'll get confused.
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